The purpose of the RHPN legislation is to foster and enable collaboration among regulated health professions in a manner that upholds and protects the public interest, through enhanced regulation by the health professions.

Healthcare is a collaborative process and often the results of a complaint investigation need to impact multiple professionals to create real change and prevent future issues.

If you or a family member has been involved in an incident where you feel a complaint ought to be submitted to one or more of our member organizations, you can contact them through their respective web pages.

Given that the involved regulators agree, an individual submitting a complaint involving different health professions would have to ‘tell their story’ only once and the information they provide would be shared by the involved regulators.

The benefits of collaborative investigation processes would include, but not limited to:

– increased efficiency in time and resources

– reduced stress for witnesses

– more comprehensive data collection

– more effective investigations (with resources being matched to the complexity of each investigation)

– enhanced ability to identify health systems issues: to assist in improving patient safety and healthcare delivery.

Collaboration with another member of the Network would also be an option for a regulatory body that does not have the experience or resources needed to conduct a complex investigation.

Complaint and Investigation Process

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